WPengine Review (2 Months Free Coupon Code): Pros & Cons

Another great benefit to it is the fact that many webhosts offer WordPress specific hosting, providing users with very useful features and tools meant to further boost the platform’s capabilities.

WPengine is among the top webhosts you should look into when choosing a provider for your website.

You can even make use of a Interserver black friday sale to help cut down the cost of your chosen plan—a bonus, especially if you’re just starting out.

What WPengine Can Offer

Who they are?

When it comes to WordPress, WPengine is among the top companies currently providing solutions for businesses to help them create the best website possible on the platform.

They offer different hosting plans tailored to meet different needs, such as those required by agencies, enterprises, and small to medium sized businesses.

Needless to say, the company has a good understanding of what every type of client needs and as such, they are in the position to provide what they need in order to wpengine coupon succeed.

You’ll be able to benefit from this even if you purchase a hosting plan through a Hostinger black friday sale.

For small businesses, they aim to help:

  • Increase the brand’s value
  • Perform efficiently
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Help grow their revenue

Available Hosting Plans

StartUP $35/moGrowth $115/moScale $290/moCustom
Visits / mo: 25,000Visits / mo: 100,000Visits / mo: 400,000Visits / mo: Millions
Local Storage: 10GBLocal Storage: 20GBLocal Storage: 30GBLocal Storage: 100GB – 1TB
Bandwidth / mo: 50GBBandwidth / mo: 200GBBandwidth / mo: 400GBBandwidth / mo: 400GB+
Sites included: 1Sites included: 5Sites included: 15Sites included: 25
Included for FreeIncluded for FreeIncluded for FreeIncluded for Free
Genesis FrameworkGenesis FrameworkGenesis FrameworkGenesis Framework
35+ StudioPress Themes35+ StudioPress Themes35+ StudioPress Themes35+ StudioPress Themes
24/7 Chat Support24/7 Chat Support24/7 Chat Support24/7 Chat Support
Dev, Stage, Prod EnvironmentsDev, Stage, Prod EnvironmentsDev, Stage, Prod EnvironmentsDev, Stage, Prod Environments
Transferable SitesTransferable SitesTransferable SitesTransferable Sites
PHP 7.2 ReadyPHP 7.2 ReadyPHP 7.2 ReadyPHP 7.2 Ready
Global CDNGlobal CDNGlobal CDNGlobal CDN
Page PerformancePage PerformancePage PerformancePage Performance
Automated SSL CertificatesAutomated SSL CertificatesAutomated SSL CertificatesAutomated SSL Certificates
Imported SSL CertificatesImported SSL CertificatesImported SSL Certificates
24/7 Phone Support24/7 Phone Support24/7 Phone Support
WordPress MultiSite
Content Performance
Consultative Onboarding
Launch Readiness Assessment
SSH Gateway
Available Add-OnsAvailable Add-OnsAvailable Add-OnsAvailable Add-Ons
WordPress MultiSiteWordPress MultiSiteWordPress MultiSiteWordPress MultiSite
Content PerformanceContent PerformanceContent PerformanceContent Performance
Global Edge SecurityGlobal Edge SecurityGlobal Edge SecurityGlobal Edge Security
Additional SitesAdditional SitesAdditional SitesAdditional Sites
24/7 Ticket Support
High Availability


Note that all of their plans come with a risk-free 60 day trial, allowing you to get a feel for things before really deciding if it’s right for your wpengine review  needs or not.

This applies to plans purchased through a Tmdhosting black friday sale so if you can take advantage of such a deal always opt to do so.

Especially if you’re a beginner and working with a pretty limited budget.

What sets each plan apart from the other and which one is best for a new website?


This includes all of the essentials needed by a small website or blog. However, this might be too basic for a business that is expected to grow within a few months or so. If you intend on pouring all your efforts into marketing and expanding, then you might want to opt for something more flexible.


This is specifically tailored for a growing business and is a lot more flexible when compared to the StartUp plan. That said, it also costs more so do weight the differences before you decide on getting this option.


This might be best for websites that already have a following and expect to grow more within a few months. It also offers more resources and scalability, but also costs more than the previous options. For beginners, this might be a bit too much—especially in terms of monetary investment.


This is meant for larger businesses as it provides the most amount of resources. It also is the priciest of all the options, something that new and smaller businesses might not be able to afford yet. In the future, however, this could be a good plan to try out.

Getting a Domain on WPEngine

Think of this as similar to buying property and providing your website with its own address. The first thing you need to make sure of is that the domain name is keyword each and easy to establish as a brand.

The simpler and the more memorable it is, the better. The idea here is to find a domain that people will easily remember and fits well with the kind of image you want to project to your intended market.

In choosing domains, you can either go with .net, .org, or .com.

If you purchase your domain through WPengine, you’ll actually be provided with a free one— saving you quite a bit of money in the process.

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Should you need to purchase more, make sure that you choose registrars that are affordable and offer decent features for the price.

Prices typically range from $6 to $15—depending on where you sign up.

Note that WPEngine’s hosting plans provides clients free domains, the number of which would vary according the type of plan they purchase.

Since 2003, WordPress has been the most used blogging software on the market and for good reasons.

In recent years, however, it has also become the go-to content management of choice even for non-blogging websites.

If you’re a beginner to establishing and developing websites, this platform is a great medium for you to start in—it’s easy to use and is also among the most common so you’ll always find ample resources for it.

WPEngine offers extra convenience to WordPress users by providing them with different software and design features specifically meant for their needs.

They also have experts ready to answer any WordPress related questions, something that many beginners will greatly benefit from.

Whilst the platform itself is user-friendly, WPEngine’s dashboard provides extra ease of use—making sure that there are as few learning curves as possible so that clients can jump right into building their pages.

They can even save a few dollars by using a Resellerclub black friday sale that should help lower the start-up costs they have to shoulder.

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