Tips For Rank Your Blog & Become a Successful Blogger Faster

Blogging has been one of the most oldest and productive form of content marketing even though the digital marketing of videography and pictures have been on the rise.

The fact that it is really cheap compared to other forms of marketing and considering its effectiveness for both small and big time bloggers.

What’s driving you towards blogging might vary but the point is how do you become a successful blogger in the market.

Some common factors:

Just have a look in blogs that give advice on becoming a successful blogger and you may find a common thing.

Most of them focus on getting a domain name, purchasing a hosting account, the aesthetics and all the jazz around it.

Sure, they do help in the way you blog but may not realistically help you in growing the numbers in your blog.

Rather than focusing on such elements much instead concentrating on components that make a blog successful and how to implement them is important.

An important measure of your success is the revenue being generated. The harsh truth is that it you aren’t generating revenue, then you really aren’t in the business.

This renders your blogging as just a hobby.

Basically, the revenue depends upon the investment made for the business and its bills and hence, as long as you’re left with some money after all the expenses, it means you’re doing good.

Measure of Success:

There are different perspectives around what people think their success in blogging lies.

It may depend on user traffic, likes, shares and subscribers.

Hence it all boils down to your model of blogging and would you like to sell more products through your blog and have a good mix.

It can be more as a high traffic and user engagement.

Mantra for successful blogs:

  • It is really difficult to get noticed when you cover content on various broad topics.

Each blog has some issues which it tries to solve.

Hence, it is important to define a niche that helps you to like address the specific audience within the broad content.

Initially, it may tempt you to address broad issues to the audience but slowly bowl it down to the specifics.

Hence if you are willing to start a blog on gardening then go for urban gardening.

On a whole consider the topic you want to start the blog on and then target a niche in the topic to address the specific audience.

  • Knowing your audience both inside and outside is really important.

This comes after you have defined your niche and continue to post content. Hence try to analyze what are the common problems your audience is facing and what content they would love on the blog.

Take some out for your subscribers and frequent fliers and develop a relationship with them.

In fact, you can use your social media platforms to understand what your audience demands.

  • Having something to sell to the audience is really important and shall be implemented shortly after you start blogging.

It can be anything like selling your own products to others products as long as you are able to generate revenue from it.

The best and the cheapest way for young bloggers is affiliate marketing that has got a lot of scope.

Just imagine selling a diet plan, so you post too hacks on diet and then post a daily plan for the diet to sustain the traffic.

This not only helps in generating revenue but also grows your blog.

  • Focusing on a single channel at a time helps you master that platform before expanding to others.

You may observe top bloggers posting content on various channels and platforms and killing it all every week.

But don’t be swayed by it as it’s only because they have now developed the audience around each segment by mastering it.

Also the fact that they work full time and have contractors to handle stuff adds up. So don’t try to replicate unless you’re consistently posting and generating a good traffic.

Just figure out which platform does your audience use the most and work on it.


Hence, but perhaps the most important aspect is the quality of the content that is being delivered without any bias and surrounding stigma. All these factors are influential in determining the state of your blog.

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