Writing Your First Guest Post? Follow This Tips to Success Fast

Guest posting is one of the most credible and suitable ways to make your content reach masses, while also creating special bonds with a whole community of successful bloggers.

As it’s a fundamental thing that we learn from people whom we admire, belonging to a community of successful individuals gives a great kick-start to your blogging career.

While you might stay confused about choosing your niche, selecting themes, kind of visual imagery and other components of your blog, proper research, and connection with experienced individuals can help you desire meaningful and useful insights from their website, blog or content.

Thus, writing a blog post on the platform of other individuals or their blogs helps you to reach masses.

It eventually derives good backlinks as well as traffic upon your own blog too.

As it’s all a game of giving and takes, publishing such guest posts on other well-driven blogs can put you up in the spotlight while letting you build a great relationship with other bloggers.

You can make the most out of discussions and comments and always keep in touch with the latest blogging trends and upgrades.

How to start your journey of drafting the first guest post? Know it all here!

Guest posting is certainly not as easy as it sounds.

You have to be twice as much as alert, consistent and creative while drafting something on other’s blog than what you do while writing for yourself.

Here are certain factors that you must consider and go through a great blogging and guest posting journey.

  • Always keep your reading skills on the peak-

writing cannot be sustainable and useful unless you have a habit of regular reading. Firstly start with subscribing to the blog that you wish to write for, through email or their RSS feed.

This will let you get complete updates about what is happing over that blog and what kind of content, topics or themes are they dealing with.

This will help you to extract out the right details out of the blog and topic which you wish to write.

Also, read through all the comments and customer recommendations so that you can always comply with what customers or readers love the most.

After all, this, draft your idea of a first guest post that is totally relevant and goes on after its approval.

  • Don’t ever try to indulge in personal branding-

this Is a pretty common mistake that most of the bloggers do while finalizing the write-up for their guest post. Instead of promoting yourself, you must look beyond the boundaries and focus upon the content.

Don’t add up any such features like the links that relate back to your website and promote your content.

You must always be extremely alert because this is your first guest post and the deciding factor of your further relationship with the experienced bloggers.

Adding a lot of links and unwanted stuff can lead to content deterioration, you may even get registered as a spa, guest blogger and your content might get rejected for the long haul.

  • Always make sure that you promote the guest post-

after you are done with everything, selecting the topic, writing the post and getting it approved, make sure that you promote it well and get the fundamental tactic of effective marketing in hand.

You even have to promote their blog as it will derive more traffic to their platform.

What will you get?

Better promotion of the blog will lead to more traffic, more readers will read your guest posts, and they will get a keen desire to connect with you on a much personal level.

It is all about working in a community with better relationships, contacts, no jealousy, and feeling of selfishness.

Always be honest with your fellow mates and promote their work to get yours on the peak.

As you will start helping and building better bonds with others, they might also help you in sharing your blog and driving more customers even if you are a beginner.


So, before you are planning to bring in your first guest post on the desk, make sure you are fully informed, you have undergone complete research and you have the support from your fellow bloggers.

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