What is CopyScape? How To Check Plagiarism & Duplicate Content

It is not easy to open a tab and look up all the solutions to your assignments?

Well of course it is. And what is even more comfortable is to copy everything down to the punctuation’s. Sounds harmless.

But here’s a twist, it isn’t. Copying everything words to word from someone else’s presentation is called plagiarism and is highly frowned upon.

Taking inspiration from someone’s content isn’t wrong, but how can you make sure someone didn’t plagiarize your work?

The easiest solution to plagiarism detection is to use CopyScape Plagiarism Detection tool which is available online for free.

What CopyScape does

This tool has a highly interactive interface and is easy for users to identify if their work has been used without permission anywhere.

With the internet being an infinite space, all the contents might get lost in it making it harder to find websites that might’ve used your work manually.

CopyScape allows you to identify sites that have used your projects without crediting the author.

It is straightforward to use, all it asks of you is to enter the URL to your website or weblog, and it instantly scans the vast internet to detect duplicate content.

It provides you with its top results, and you have full control over it. You can click on the tabs it has suggested, and it will give you a word to word identification of features for comparison.

It uses the highlighting feature to make it even simpler for you to check the texts or paragraphs that are the same as your content.

Now, here’s a catch. It does not make any judgment as to whether the content is original or copied or used from another website.

You need to personally examine the words and texts to judge for yourself whether it is plagiarism or not. All CopyScape does is, detect similar phrases.

For free users, CopyScape provides only minimum search results as it takes up resources which are significant in number.

In case, you require a full scan; you can subscribe for the CopyScape premium which will give you more results than the free service.

One of the main features CopyScape provides its clients with is global web detection for copies. With the simple action of copy-paste, anyone in the entire world can copy the article you worked hard to publish.

Legally, this is stealing, and it’s not just taking of the content.

The website or individual copying your material is essentially stealing your views, your readers, your ideas, and more importantly, your revenue.

If not taken action against, you can legit go out of business due to the constant decline in views as there no longer is original content.

CopyScape not only helps you in scanning the internet for copies of your uploaded content, but it also emails you when it finds even the slightest trace of plagiarism.

Like many other services available for web content writers and bloggers, CopyScape’s free model allows users to do a necessary plagiarism check as well as providing you with software code which checks and prevents content theft and content fraud.

The premium version, which of course is paid, provides users with more functionality with their content and more checking software code.

CopyScape in addition to all these services also offers free “plagiarism warning banners” which can be very conveniently placed on your website to notify or rather warn people looking to plagiarize your content.

Furthermore, it helps you in accurately pinpointing which site seems to have copied even the slightest bit of your content.

Why is it necessary

Let’s go over why exactly CopyScape is essential for all the web content writers and bloggers.

One of the main reasons to use a plagiarism checker is that it helps writers in assessing their articles for any copied material if they’re writing content concerning a particular reference article.

It makes sure that your content is free from any sorts of similarities from the articles posted earlier by bloggers and content writers like yourself.

It is an imperative tool for an organization tired of losing its readers, visitors, and revenue to plagiarists who copy your content. You can now use it to check every content available on the internet.

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